An RTO for Cabinetmakers


On Site Assessing Pty Ltd – is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) – Owned and Operated by Cabinetmakers, for Cabinetmakers.


On Site Assessing Pty Ltd - fulfils the specific training needs of apprentices and employers within the cabinetmaking industry in South East Queensland.


On Site Assessing Pty Ltd - is a practical RTO working for our own industry backed by years of industry experience as:

  • Cabinetmakers
  • Cabinetmaking business owners
  • Trade teachers

On Site Assessing Pty Ltd - meets the specific needs of our own industry, minimising down time, teaching practical trade skills.


On Site Apprentice Training


At On Site Assessing Pty Ltd we understand that the ever changing environment within the industry demands highly skilled and reliable tradespeople.


The training offered by On Site Assessing Pty Ltd does not disrupt business timetabling demands.


Apprentices are not required to travel to education facilities or to be absent from work for great lengths of time.


All practical training will be conducted on site in the workplace, allowing the opportunity to maintain work production, especially during the busiest times of the year.


Industry-endorsed Training

MSF31113 - Certificate III in Cabinetmaking offered by On Site Assessing Pty Ltd are taken from the MSF Furnishing Training Package.


This MSF Furnishing Training Package has nationally endorsed industry standards against which training can be developed and flexibly delivered to meet particular local, individual, industry and enterprise requirements.