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MSF31113 - Certificate III in Cabinetmaking
This qualification covers the skills and knowledge required to perform a range of skills at trade-level for those working in furniture making and those involved in the manufacture and installation of fitted furniture typically in a kitchen, bathroom and related context. Installation skills may be applied to new or renovation work.

The work is in a defined range of skilled operations, usually within a range of broader related activities involving known routines, methods and procedures, where some discretion and judgement is required in the selection of equipment, services or contingency measures and within known time constraints



Recognition of Prior Learning


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) & Credit Transfer
Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer means that a student may be able to receive recognition for specific competencies, acquired knowledge and skills through other studies, training, and experience at work or from everyday life experiences.


RPL is an assessment process that evaluates an individual’s current work skills, experience, knowledge and attributes (non-formal and informal learning) to determine the extent to which the individual has achieved the required industry standards for entry to, and/or partial or total completion of a qualification.


On Site assessing Pty Ltd acknowledges the value of providing opportunities for students to build upon their prior learning, whether this learning was acquired through structured courses or gained through life experience.


On Site Assessing Pty Ltd also acknowledges that students should not have to repeat learning that has been successfully completed elsewhere.


The RPL & credit transfer decisions are to be made by assessors who meet Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015. Assessment of competency is based on evidence gained through a combination of evidence sources such as documentation, questioning of knowledge, observation of skills demonstration and referee verification.



Performance Level Assessment (PLA) is not applicable to RPL.



RPL for User Choice Candidates
Apprentices are encouraged to undertake a RPL assessment up front to ensure that they only receive training for competencies where they do not have sufficient knowledge and skills.


Department on Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT)

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)




As part of the application process to become a Pre-qualified Supplier, On Site Assessing Pty Ltd is required to publish audit information in relation to its compliance with the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) or VET Quality Framework.

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