Training Aligned to Your Business


Through supportive ‘one-on-one’ consultation with your On Site Assessing Pty Ltd Trainer/Assessor, a programme of training will be developed that specifically caterers for the needs of both business and the career path of the apprentice.

Flexible Training


We understand that not everyone learns at the same pace.


Our program allows the flexibility for each apprentice to achieve their certificate via a negotiated time frame that suits individual learning needs; whilst still meeting the needs of the employer and the requirements of the Training Package.


With a facilitator available at all times to support both the employer and the apprentice during the course of their education, we pave the road to a successful, smoother learning experience.


Self-paced Learning


Apprentices have the flexibility of being able to study at times that suit their lifestyles and at times that fit in with work and family commitments.


With self-paced learning, apprentices work through the learning materials independently. Apprentices advise their Trainer/Assessor when they are ready to be assessed, or they can set pre-determined assessment times (often done at the time of enrolment). Some scheduling of due dates is required, to help the apprentice stay on track.


Many employers favour self-paced learning as they can schedule the training to fit in with work commitments.